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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  August 11, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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this that house. it was being used for storage and the mother was embarking on a project to send home to her native congo. she has one daughter in college and another a senior in high school and was hoping pay for their tuition for this endeavor. police say the two alleged suspects arrested for the murders were drug couriers from texas. but family members here say today that their sister had nothing to do with illegal activity. she was not involved with drugs. >> our sister was an innocent victim who may have been portrayed as a drug dealer, which is 100% false. she never smoked, consumed alcohol, used or dealt drugs. >> reporter: now that was her older brother speaking.
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he was stand ago long side two other brothers and two sisters. notably absent was the father of those two young children killed. he is right now mourning not only the loss of his children, but also his girlfriend so as you can imagine it was just too difficult for him to be here. we will have much more on this story at 11:00. that's all for new. in silver spring, derek. >> thank you, britney. well also node three states, five murders, 14 others attacked. tonight the manhunt intensified for the accused serial killer. two firefighters learn a very tough lesson after getting hurt during a safety drill. and while the nation remembers former senator ted stevens killed in a plane crash. local family members remember another victim lost in the same wreck. i'm bruce leshan in germantown. on that alaska plane crash, for three families in our area, terrible news and miracles.
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absolute silence at the phillips family sprawling estate, a place that once rang with the joyful noise of four boys playing football with their dad. three of the phillips boys are already college football players at stanford, uva and indiana. 13-year-old willie was on the fishing trip in alaska with his dad and had to watch on a cold mountain top unable to save his dying father. before the accident, his coached at matter day in bethesda said willie might have been the best athlete of all. i'm peggy fox in lorton at a brand new fire station where a serious mistake injured to firefighters and blows out power for miles. it happened during a routine safety check of a ladder truck. >> it sounded like an explosion. >> reporter: the ladder hit the 230,000-volt transmission line. >> we don't like these things
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to happen. especially to us. but we're very fortunate that no one got hurt seriously. >> reporter: the firefighter on the truck jumped off. he was injured and firefighters standing nearby was hit by a yellow concrete barrier like this one that blew up. >> it can happen to anybody, whether you're amateur or professional, sometimes you forget what you're doing and where you are. >> reporter: the fire department and osha are investigating. i'm delia gonsalves in leesberg, virginia. police are taking a closer look at the surveillance video hoping get more information on the car they say belonged to the michigan serial killer. the green and beige chevy blazer was caught on tape in the plaza on friday night. the fbi is trying to enhance the video to make out a license plate. we're learning more about the timing of the suspect's attack. police say he strikes in the predawn hours. they are now expanding the manhunt nationwide. >> we have received a lot of national attention as a result
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of this whole investigation and to include america's most wanted and we really welcome it because i think getting the word out and casting that net as far as we possibly can is greatly appreciated. >> reporter: the fbi is now considering adding to the $5,000 reward. and today police in flint, michigan, released a list detailing at tacks and murders connected to this serial killer. the task force said the 16 attacks happened between may 24th and august 2nd. six were committed between 12:15 and 6:00 a.m. on mondays, four of them fatal. they say six other attacks happened between 5:45 and 6:15 a.m., between thursdays and mondays. today the mother of the first victim stabbed in flint spoke out for the first time. david motley died after the suspect violently stabbed him several times. police say he was walking home alone when it happened. barbara em bry said she was working at a men's shelter downtown when police told her the awful news.
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>> the officers came down here on my job when they told me it was like, that was my baby. and his birthday was just about to come up. 31 years old but he was still my baby. and hopefully they're closer to apprehending this guy because david was one of the sweetest people you ever want to meet. >> police are investigating a similar attack in ohio. they believe the suspect stabbed a church custodian. he survived but did suffer critical injuries. if you live in montgomery county it's a good bet somebody will ask you to sign a petition in the next few weeks, if they haven't asked you already. volunteer firefighters are trying to stop the county from charging your health insurance when you call an ambulance. it is a pretty complicated issue in the hard financial times. and tonight our reporter scoot broom sorts it all out for you. >> reporter: the bethesda chevy
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chase rescue squad runs about 10,000 calls a year. [ sirens ] >> reporter: and they do it for free. montgomery county council has passed a law to bill health insurers up to $800 plus mileage for an ambulance run. volunteers are convinced if it's implemented -- >> data shows some people will hesitate to call in a time of crisis. >> reporter: fairfax county has tried this and calls for service dropped from nearly 90 per 1,000 residents to just 72 four years later. >> it's a matter of principle, saving people's lives versus money. >> no county resident will get a bill. >> reporter: but montgomery county fire chief richard bower said the county can only collect from residents from what insurance companies will pay and no more. >> if you need help, we'll come. >> reporter: the chief said $13 million is on the online. >> the bottom line is it's going to be hard to find $13 million without severely reducing servicessism the volunteers are fighting back, collecting petition signatures
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to force the issue on the november ballot and rollback the law. >> you put it on the ballot, that's democracy. >> reporter: they say why would people in a community like this one write millions of dollars in donation checks and buying tick thes to bull roasts to contribute to a local firehouse is the county is charging health insurers for an ambulance ride. for the volunteers it doesn't add up and that's why they want this on the ballot. in montgomery county, scoot broom, 9 news now. >> the volunteers need 31,000 signatures to get on the ballot and they are on track to possibly get double that number. let's check out the evening rush. patranya is in the 9 news now traffic center. trouble earlier may be clearing out? >> no accident on 495 from looking down there. 91 degrees. it's going to be a hot ride. going back home, especially stuck in traffic. north side of town from bethesda, 20 minute drive.
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and a live picture -- now we have up the toll road actually heading west. no big problems past tysons corner. smooth sailing to the airport. 66 is going to be hard. a lot of traffic heading out west. back to you. and a hot and sticky day out there. topper, can we look forward to a cooling trend? [ lost audio ] a promotion of marriage ends up sparking a protest on the street. but first hundreds of calls have been pouring out of vincent gray campaign office and his workers say that's not us. a closer look at the prank calls after the break. ,s
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out on the campaign trail for d.c. mayor, adrian fenty and vincent gray squaring off this morning in a debate. they were talking jobs and budgets and all of those things, but an issue that has occupied gray's campaign headquarters has more to do with somebody using their number to make hundreds of prank calls over the last day or so. vincent gray said his campaign phone numbers have been hijacked by someone who is masking their telephone number
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and replaced it with the campaign number. it's called caller i.d. spoofing. >> five years ago, this may not have been an issue. the technology could not have existed to spoof a mayoral candidate. so i think we have to as security professionals step up and educate people. >> gray said verizon and metropolitan police are looking into this. virginia is expected to get $200 million coming from the new federal jobs law intended to help state as vert layoffs. the department of education said the funding aims to save 3800 school employees their jobs. law will provide $10 billion to help states cover funding for k- 12 jobs and $16 billion for medicaid. will we get a break from the hot and sticky heat wave? topper will be back from the forecast. he will actually have sound. but first caught on tape, a
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cab rams a bus stop and why people were hit. and why police say it was not the driver's fault. stay with us.
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a family in new york is morning the loss of a loved one tonight after a deadly cab accident. >> blood all over the place, people running and screaming all over the place. it was a bad. >> police say it happened when a cab slammed into a bus stop, hitting seven people. one of those victims ended up dying just moments after the crash. in fact the victim's grandson arrived just after the accident and was with him right as he died. >> he was in front of me, he was pale white and he looked like he was having a hard time. >> i just lit up a candle for the person's soul. may he rest in peace. >> police do not believe the cab driver was at fault. instead they blame another driver who made an illegal u- turn in front of him. they say that forced the cab
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driver to lose control and cause the crash. in connecticut, that beer warehouse where a gunman opened fire on his fellow employees reopened today. last week police say omar thornton shot and killed 8 people before turning the same gun on himself. before they entered its building, these employees held a moment of silence. the national organization for marriage is making the rounds. showing support for bans on gay marriage. but they're arrival in north carolina sparked a counter rally. >> it is the union of one man and one woman. >> love is love. [ chanting ] >> the group is on a month-long tour going from state to state. opponents of the group also lined the streets. >> marriage is defined as a man and woman and that's its only way it's defined. if you look it up in the dictionary that's how it is defined, not just the bible. >> i just want to be equal. i don't want having to grow up in -- and here that his mommies
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are second class citizens. >> five states and the district of columbia perform same-sex marriages, three others recognize them. a professional organizers has a bit of a dirty little secret that will benefit families all over the country. >> i'm 5-11 and you can see how tall this denim wall is. that man is scott rower. and as you can see. he has hundreds and hundreds of pairs of blue jeans. he's been collecting them since earth day. the pants now look like the great wall of china inside his northwest d.c. condo. he planned to give all 657 pairs of the jeans to habitat for humanity. they will be recycled into insulation. stuff that keeps you warm in side your home and cool in the summertime as well. >> this stuff is all natural cotton fiber insulation, it's 90% consumer recycled. >> the jeans travel to brownsville texas and then to phoenix, arizona, where they are turned into the eco
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friendly ins lake. and that will be installed in habitat for homes all over the country, and here in montgomery county. >> and you need that in the summer. >> it helps you to stay cool. 97 at dulles record high. 97 downtown not a record. and good news, temperatures will go down. we have more 8's on the seven- day than 9's for a change. the next three days, temperatures for tomorrow approaching 90, no doubt. 89 and showers and storms possible in the morning and afternoon. there is a chance some could be hefty late morning. stay tuned. on friday, cooler, low to mid- 80s. that's it with showers and thunderstorms. and really more showers than anything. again throughout the day on friday and then nice on saturday. i'll break down tomorrow. we have a shower or thunderstorm in each period. upper 70s tomorrow, showers and a storm. mid-80s we'll call it at noon. showers still possible. and then as you head home, 5:00, temperatures in the upper 80s and showers and
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thunderstorms are still possible. we have a front that will play cat and mouse with us the next couple of days. 93 right now in arlington, still 95 in college park. looking at 93 down to the south in springfield. in the 80s in reston and sterling and 91 toward leesberg. for tonight, partly cloudy, muggy, chance of a thunderstorm primarily south of town. low temperatures in the 70s. and winds easterly at 10. now let me show you the radar. out to the west. the front is running south of us and then dove tails back across the delmarva. this is the activity in west virginia we're watching as we get into the early morning hours on thursday and also the late and early afternoon hours on thursday. so stay tuned. right now you want to walk the dog, you can. in problems. back to the computer we go. for tomorrow, in the morning, partly sunny and very warm. but storms are possible. even in the morning. 70s and 80s. and then by afternoon, partly sunny and not as hot, but storms are still possible.
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high temperatures near 90. so between the clouds and its showers and easterly winds at 10, we should stay just under the 90-degree mark. in fact high temperatures across its area, 88 in rockville, 88 at andrews. we might see a 90 in arlington, but 88 in springfield and north and west, upper 80s reston, sterling, and leesberg. the depression has dissipated, but that said, national hurricane center still going to watch the system. could become tropical storm danielle and could make landfall early tomorrow morning with minimal strength tropical storm force winds. big threat is isolated tornadoes. and then turning to the northeast and into northern alabama into the early part of sunday. next seven days. a lot of 8's finally. 89 tomorrow, showers and storms. cooler on friday. we have the preseason home opener. 83 for a high. and then saturday very nice. upper 80s and keeping it dry. upper 80s to near 90 on sunday and monday. showers and storms possible and
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then, derek, you knew they had to come back, low 90s tuesday and wednesday. >> so when we are looking at that record of 55 days or whatever it is, if it's 90 anywhere around here, does that counts. >> no. it has to be national. >> okay. >> that's the rule. to our weird news file. remember the old demolition derby. old cars riding around trying to smash to bits. who said cars get to have all of the fun. dickinson county, kansas, where thousands show up for tractors trying to smash to bits. big old tractors and i'm sure being driven by some big old farmers banging into each other all over the place. and while your first reaction may be yee-haw, when you think about if, tractors are pretty darn sturdy and not built for speed so sit down and save your energy, this could be a while. >> they're also expensive. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcgunty's
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mail bag at mail bag at 9 news now will be right back. ú
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in the mail bag tonight, the man some have referred to as the thelma and louis of flight attendants. jet blue steward who got fed up with a nasty passenger, got on the p.a., cursed out everybody, grabbed a couple of brews and then jumped out the window on to the emergency slide which he had just deployed. he's in a bought of hot water -- in a bit of hot water over the law and leo is not hailing slater as a working man's hero. he said who would not want to quit in a fashionable way. but let's be real. unless you just won the lottery or got an inheritance good luck
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finding a new job when a potential employer finds out why you left your last employer. and those people on facebook will not be there to support you then. well maybe not, but ulysses in warm observe said he's feeling slaters pain. while some people think they could do anything they want to to employers, everybody likes to see these folks get what they deserve. and diane in germantown said don't give up on slater's future just yet. i suspect the flight attendant will be on the talk shows making big bucks. he and the passenger who slapped him should be required to take an anger management class. that should be adequate punishment for both of them. >> why is it that this story resonates so strongly with many, most of whom are not flight attendants. was it the dramatic exit or the fact that when the job got so frustrating, slater said later gator, something most of us don't have the luxury of doing. you have the luxury of writing
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mcginty's mail bag at mal bag at that is our report. i'll be right back here tonight at 11:00. and don't forget, you can log on any time you like to for the latest news, weather, traffic and sports. you have a good evening. we'll see you a bit later. bye-bye. i think everything tastes better in the summer. my grandparents, they had a huge garden, with tomatoes and cucumbers and green beans. nothing beats the taste of fruits and vegetables in the summer. they're juicier. more colorful. they're perfect. that's why at giant, you'll find farm-stand quality fruits and vegetables, at prices you'll love. this week, enjoy orchard perfect peaches and nectarines, 99 cents a pound; and sweet white corn, 12 for $1.99. my grandfather would be very proud, and that works for me. celebrate summer, every time you shop with your giant card.
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is the jetblew flight attendant cashing in? this is "entertainment tonight." it's the air rage incident everyone is talking about. now, is steven slater about to become a reality star? plus -- from ivana trump to mo'nique. celebrity airplane war and a memorable movie meltdown. then -- is sandra bullock back with jesse james, "e.t." gets to the bottom of this exclusive new shot. and "american idol's" fantasia's drug overdose. did she attempt suicide? a new york night out for julia roberts at her "eat, pray, love" premiere. george clooney goes shirtless. the exclusive on-set shots. plus -- ♪ >> katy perry down under. paris as


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